Engagement and Participation

Dalkeith and District Community Council is here to represent the views of local residents.  We are developing a range of ways to improve communication and to encourage participation from anyone interested in making a contribution.  Everyone is welcome to attend meetings, whether it is simply to raise an issue or to become more involved.  In between these, we are keen to hear from you by email and would encourage you to complete our survey on community facilities for Dalkeith.

Changes to Community Council Constitutions

In early 2014 Midlothian Council undertook a final consultation on the scheme governing Community Council responsibilities, organisation and management.  The consultation ended on 28th May and the council has approved the final scheme.  As a result, all Community Councils have been invited to review their constitutions.  Newtongrange and Gorebridge Community Councils' revised constitutions are currently being reviewed by the Midlothian Council legal department.  Once these are approved, Dalkeith and District Community Council will form a small working group to revise our constitution.  We would very much welcome any input from any residents with expertise in this area and encourage you to get in touch.